Today we’re going to talk about the best and the cheapest car insurance in South Carolina. So this is actually a topic that came across from google trending. So it seems to me it’s having a little bit of a breakout. Some people are curious and have some questions. So I’m actually going to tell you the best and cheapest insurances that I found in South Carolina that might help you guys get some better deals. Cheapest car insurance in South Carolina.


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So we’re looking at car insurance we’re thinking okay what is or what exactly are we looking for towing are we looking for road service are we just looking for the best coverages, what’s our age play a factor. And we’re gonna dive a little bit into that because there is an age range. Cheapest car insurance in South Carolina.

Cheapest car insurance in South Carolina

So if you’re under the age of 25 you’re going to pay a higher price. If you’re under the age of 50 you’re going to pay kind of a mediocre price. 50 is the sweet spot or 55 until you get to 75 and then it creeps back up that also is part of. Do we have tickets do affect it? I call it free money because you really didn’t cause anything but insurance rates that so it’s going to cause the rate to go up. If you have had any tickets and that’s just going to be is.What it is you’re about 15 percent in addition to what we’re gonna look at. Cheapest car insurance in South Carolina.

Cheapest car insurance in South Carolina

If you have a speeding ticket accident those are going to play a factor. So if you hurt somebody you have to carry at least 25 000 to cover their medical up to 50 000 per accident. So if there are multiple people in the car it covers 25 each person maxes out at 50000.

They also offer 25 000 property damage that you have to carry. So if you damage their car, their house, whatever you hit if you damage somebody’s property you’re covering that 25 000. Cheapest car insurance in South Carolina.

The law does require you to carry uninsured motors coverage equal to the minimum. So what they’re saying is 25-50-25. That’s the way that what we just read looks 25 percent 50 per accident, 25 for property, now they also have a 200 deductible. You can add that to make it cheaper. Most companies will probably just automatically have it like that what an uninsured motorist is. Cheapest car insurance in South Carolina.

If somebody hits you and they don’t have any insurance, now you’re covered or people in your car. Because that first limit is for other people that are not for you. Now you’re covering yourself by the uninsured motorist the 25 a person 50 per accident. And if they have property, sometimes it’s separate. So be careful that they say that. Cheapest car insurance in South Carolina.

If they have the property then that’s covered up to whatever that limit is.

Okay, these are great coverages are required to offer you, underinsured motorists. So if you get hit and they have less insurance so this 25 and 50 is not recommended. Most states don’t even carry it that low. But if it’s the only thing you can afford then, it’s better to have that than nothing. Cheapest car insurance in South Carolina.

Typically you want at least double that 50 a person, 100 per accident, I personally don’t even really work with or have people that are less than half of that. So a hundred thousand a person three hundred thousand an accident and most clients that I have are actually double. That so it’s 250 percent 500 per accident.

I don’t want to confuse you but that’s the most common. Play with it find out what those are you’re going to try some different ways to find out what’s the better fit for you. Now one thing before we dive in a little bit further we’re going to go over some of those basic coverages. I would personally work with 30 companies at once it’s a hundred percent easier. Cheapest car insurance in South Carolina.

Where you can just do one quote with the cover you can go straight to the website. But cover essentially on my quote knocked off about eighty dollars a month. So they’ve got some really competitive options. They’ve just recently added to where you can also show different companies. So if you go outside of cover, they’re still going to show you the good deals. Where maybe progressive was cheaper. Cheapest car insurance in South Carolina. Instead of going directly through the cover into them, they’ll show you those options so you can see those. That’s the route I would go.

So we’ve got that if you’re going to buy a newer car it’s a nicer car you need comprehensive and collision that’s what people call full coverage comprehensive is theft vandalism. If you hit a deer an animal glass breaks they call them acts of God. Essentially right you’re not actually colliding with the car most of the time. Your car’s not moving unless you hit an animal.

Collision is just covering your car period. If you’re going to have the full value of your car it’s called ACV (actual cash value). Almost every company unless you’re doing an agreed value now you’re looking at like 1972 mustang. You want the 60 dollars coverage of what that value was right. Most companies don’t do that. You’re looking at like Hagerty and companies like that so actual cash value we’re looking at don’t get scared by that.

That’s just the common word that they use and the collision is whatever the value of the time of the car is. So if it went down a thousand dollars over two years then you get a thousand dollars less for that value.