Best over the ear wireless headphones under 2000 rupees in India

Today we will take a look at some of the best headphones that I recently used. However, I only recommend the best over the ear wireless headphones because that’s what we truly believe is comfortable. So yeah in this article we will only include the Best over the ear wireless headphones under 2000 rupees in India for all those who are wondering.

Best over the ear wireless headphones under 2000 rupees in india

Best over the ear wireless headphones have larger ear cups that cover your entire ear while on the ears. On the ear, the design difference makes over-the-ear headphones a lot more comfortable. Simply because there is no contact with your ear at all.

But when you go for budget headphones, you have to manage your expectations. You will be able To use a budget headphone easily for two or three hours straight. But you can’t use them for a full day like you can use premium ones with.

What are the Best over the ear wireless headphones in India?

  1. Motorola escape 220,
  2. Boat Rockerz 550,
  3. Infinity Tranz 700,
  4. Boult audio pro bass ranger.

Motorola escape 220

First of all, we have this Motorola escape 222. Like all the headphones, it comes with a micro USB cable for charging it and An aux cable also. The ear cups are quite big although not big enough, and also decent cushioning in the headband. You can also fold them inwards towards the headband. Which makes it really easy to carry them without the fear of breaking them.

  • motorola Escape 220 over the ear headphones
  • motorola Escape 220 Best over the ear wireless headphones under 2000 rupees

Like all the over-ear wireless headphones under 2000 rupees, you can also use Motorola escape 222 in wired mode. You can use the wired mode by simply inserting this aux cable that comes with it. And for the buttons like you expect from every wireless headphone. There is a micro USB charging slot. No type c at this price range, and a power button that also acts as a pairing button. And of course, then there is volume up and volume down.

Battery backup

At this price range you get 20 to 24 hours which is a standard. The range is also standard of 10 meters or two or three rooms which you get with Bluetooth 5.0.

Okay, so that was a generic description that will fit most of the wireless headphones. But the real question here is how good are these Motorola escape 220?

Motorola Escape 220 Specifications

Price1999.oo INR ( CHECK ON AMAZON )
Model NameEscape 220
Batteries1 Lithium-ion battery. (included)
Hardware InterfaceBluetooth, 3.5mm Audio
Connector TypeWireless
Item Weight350 g
Special FeaturesEnhanced Bass, Foldable, Microphone Feature

How good are these Motorola escape 220?

I noticed two things or should I say two major issues. First, I don’t find the ear cups big enough as compared to Boult or even infinity glide. So yeah it does get a bit uncomfortable over a while.

The second issue that I face with this one is the audio is quite low and quite flat. Yeah even at 100 audio level it feels like 70 compared to others. To give you a perspective here’s a side by side comparison with both on full volume.

Overall it’s a decent pair of headphones. It checks out pretty much everything that you get in any other wireless headphones. However, the audio level in this one isn’t that good. And I will say, you can skip it, there are better options in the list.

Boat Rockerz 550

Next, we have the Boat Rockerz 550. the surface looks pretty similar to the Motorola escape 220. All the basic buttons, my connectivity, battery, everything is pretty much the same.

The first difference is in the size of the ear cups. Out of all the headphones, these are the biggest ones. So it engulfs your ear quite well and makes it quite comfortable. In fact, it’s the most comfortable headphones in this list period. Similarly, the audio level is pretty good too and it’s really loud at 100 volume.

  • Boat Rockerz over the ear wireless headphone
  • Boat Rockerz over the ear wireless headphone
  • Boat Rockerz over the ear wireless headphone

But there is one major problem with that as well as sound leakage. Overall if you’re planning to use them a lot with people around you like if you’re living with your roommates or in the public transport etc then there’s a good sound leakage on this one. But overall it’s a decent pair of comfortable headphones.

Boat Rockerz 550 Specifications

Price₹ 1,999.00 INR ( CHECK ON AMAZON )
Model NameRockerz 550
ModelRockerz 550
Batteries1 Lithium-ion battery. (included)
Compatible DevicesWindows, iOS, Android
Connector TypeBluetooth
Item Weight245 g
Special Featuresover-ear

Infinity Tranz 700

Okay so next up we have the Infinity Tranz 700. If you look at the design, it does look good. It has the ear design, 50 hours of battery life, NFC for fast pairing, and type c for charging. All of these features are usually present on headphones above 5000.

Infinity Tranz 700
Infinity Tranz 700

How does this really perform in real life?

Well, these headphones take the xiaomi approach that is offering way more features for the money to undercut the competition.

For example, they have all the basic buttons that you find in any other Headphones. Like the power, volume, headphone jack, etc. On top of that, there is a type c charging port.

So, if you have a phone that’s type c which most of them are. So, you will have to worry about one less cable .

Similarly, there is an NFC for fast pairing. Most people don’t use it though and then there is a button to pause and play music as well. So, if somebody starts talking to you, you don’t have to pause the song on your phone or take out your headphones. Finally, there are four built-in equalizers from normal, bass, popular, etc. which you can change by pressing this button.

Infinity Tranz 700 Specifications

Price₹ 1,799.00 INR ( CHECK ON AMAZON )
Model NameTranz 700
ModelTranz 700
Batteries1 Lithium-ion battery. (included)
MicrophoneWith microphone
Connector TypeBluetooth
Item Weight250 g
Special FeaturesWireless

Overall these headphones are packed with features. Although I didn’t like the chrome banding on the top, as well as on the logo, that’s okay. Also, another major highlight of this headphone is 50 hours of battery life to give you a perspective.

Bould audio pro bass ranger

Boult Audio ProBass Ranger (Best over the ear wireless headphones under 2000 rupees)
Boult Audio ProBass Ranger

Next up we have the bould audio pro bass ranger bass. I will keep the description short so these headphones are quite cheap. And this is the reason many people consider them Best over the ear wireless headphones under 2000 rupees. It also looks somewhat flashy and premium and it’s quite comfortable. But the audio quality is more on the boosted side. Which is the reason I don’t prefer this or even recommend it to most of you.

Boult Audio ProBass Ranger Specifications

BrandBoult Audio
Price₹ 1,799.00 INR
Model NameProBass
Batteries1 Lithium-ion battery. (included)
Hardware InterfaceHeadphones,
Charging USB cable,
Auxiliary cable
Connector TypeBluetooth
Item Weight250 g
Special Featuresnoise cancelling

Which one best over the ear wireless headphones under 2000 rupees should you buy in India?

Well, the choices are pretty simple. Actually, if comfort is your priority then go with boat Rockerz 550 over-the-ear wireless headphones. It won’t hurt your ear even if you use it for a long time. And the audio quality mic range battery backup everything else is pretty decent that’s it. It does have an audio leakage problem so keep that in mind.

If you’re not planning to use your headphones for a long time, then we have the bold audio pro bass as well as Motorola headphones. Which to be honest I’m not a very big fan of Motorola headphones. So, yeah this was a quick rundown of all these wireless headphones

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