Are you looking for some stylish best headphones under 500 or best-wired earphones under 500 with great sound quality? You have come to the right place. under the price range of 500, it’s a bit hard to find good headphones. but somehow we managed to find some best headphones under 500/-.

In this article, I am going to suggest to you the 10 best headphones under 500 rupees in India and 5 best-wired earphones under 500. If you want to buy a better earphone at a better price under 1000 then you should see this article: Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700 to 1000/-

We will provide you with all the features of each headphone too. So by reading this article, you can choose the best and the most valuable one for you.

At the last, I am also going to tell you about the 5 best-wired earphones under 500. So do read this article till the end.

Best headphones under 500 in India

Let’s now discuss the amazing quality headphones in just ₹500. Every headphone mentioned here has great quality. So Let’s start with the best headphones under 500 list.

Best headphones under 500/- list

  1. sh-12 Bluetooth headphones under 500
  2. Smartbuy Foldable headphones
  3. SKETCHFAB Extra Bass 2.0 over ear headphones
  4. Teconica H998 Stylish E650 Wireless Bluetooth Headset
  5. Hoatzin Buy Thunder Beat Sound Headphone
  6. Aerizo SH-15 Latest Solo HD
  7. Boult Audio Bass Buds Q2
  8. Modish Bluetooth Headphones
  9. Heypex SH-12 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone
  10. QHM888 Headset

1. Sh-12 Bluetooth headphones 1st best headphones under 500

First, let me clarify that these sh-12 best headphones under 500 are Bluetooth wireless over-the-ear headphones. best Bluetooth headphones under 500. wireless headphones under 500 rupees.

Build quality and features

  • There are five buttons altogether. One of the calls receiving and pausing music. The second is for playing the next music or video and increasing volume. The third is for previous and also for decreasing volume. The fourth is for changing mode and the final button is for power on and off.
  • It has a 3.5 mm Jack where you can change these headphones.
  • An in-built mic with LED light is also available in these headphones.
  • The body is full plastic but the design and everything are quite interesting.
  • You can hear FM RADIO directly from the earphone through the mode button.
  • You get a 40mm driver and its battery life is up to 9 hours.
  • Full charging time is 3 hours.

Sound Quality

Music – Bass is quite powerful and I can surely tell you that this headphone really justifies its amount. Everything is really amazing.

Gaming – I can give these headphones is 7.5/10 rating.

2. Flipkart Smartbuy Foldable best headphones under 500 wireless

First, let me clarify that this headphone is only available on Flipkart and not on Amazon or any other shopping store. This headphone is too good at ₹499. That’s why this headphone is on the list of Headphones under 500 wireless, best headphones under 500.

Build quality and features.

  • The design is very attractive and amazing. It looks very beautiful.
  • You get a 3.5mm Jack and it is gold plated.
  • The cushion is neither too soft nor too hard. It is quite comfortable.
  • Quality is good at this price and the design is glossy.
  • Overall build quality is fine but cannot be said to be very good as you cannot get such nice headphones at ₹500.

Sound quality

Music – Bass is not quite powerful but fine. Any music lover can go for these earphones but not bass lovers.

Gaming – For gaming, you can definitely go for these headphones if your budget is 500. If your budget is more, there are more other better headsets. I will recommend you to go for them. best headphones under 500.

3.SKETCHFAB Extra Bass 2.0 over ear best headphones under 500

Build quality and features

  • It is very shiny and is made of aluminum. The shine is really good and attractive.
  • Stay in touch while listening to music. The cable has a convenient in-line remote and microphone, so you can take hands-free calls whenever they come through on your smartphone.
  • Sketchfab HPM10 has a 3.5mm gold plated jack which ensures no sound loss.
  • A durable, finely grooved serrated cable reduces tangling.

Sound quality

Music – Bass is punchy and quite powerful. This is good for Music lovers, especially Bass lovers

Gaming – Gaming rating from our side is 8/10. 8 is a fair rating for gamers. However, this headphone justifies its price. Best headphones under 500.

4.Teconica H998 Stylish E650 Wireless Bluetooth Headset 4th best headphones under 500

This headphone is on the list of best headphones under 500, which means the features of this headphone are awesome in this price range. let’s take a look at the features.

Build quality and features

  • Over-ear & Adjustable headband Design.
  • The average battery life is ‎6 Hours.
  • Looks very beautiful and professional.
  • It is again wireless Bluetooth headphones.
  • They are over-the-ear headphones with 3.5 mm Jack
  • This headset is compatible with all types of Bluetooth smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and mobile phones including iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, and many others.
  • This headset has neodynamic 40mm drivers so you can listen to your playlist with clear fully detailed sound with deep bass.

Sound quality

Music – Bass lovers can go for these earphones. Rating for music is 8.5/10

Gaming – Gaming rating is 7.5/10. Good for fewer budget headphones.

5.Hoatzin Buy Thunder Beat Sound Headphone 5th best headphones under 500

This Hoatzin Buy Thunder Beat Sound Headphone is the 5th headphone on the list of best headphones under 500.

Build quality and features

  • This headphone supports various sound effects adjustment, easily realize the sound quality you prefer.
  • Suitable for most Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as for Android Smartphones & iOS Smartphones.
  • Adjust the headband for tight and comfortable wearing by yourself, no worries of the headset falling.
  • Support wireless connection via Bluetooth; Support SD card playback, insert the SD card into the headphone to play music when there is no phone.

Sound quality

Music – For music, the rating is 8/10.

Gaming – Gaming rating is 8.5/10. This headphone is quite good for gaming.

6.Aerizo SH-15 Latest Solo HD 6th best headphones under 500

This Aerizo SH-15 headphone is a good headphone on the list of best headphones under 500.

Build quality and features

  • Made with excellent durability, our headphones will be hard to shake off even when on the go.
  • These headphones are made with over-ear soft memory earmuff cushioned padding, which will apply itself perfectly for your ear and give you maximum comfort.
  • Adjust the headband for tight and comfortable wearing by yourself, no worries of the headset falling.
  • Comes with: 3.5 MM auxiliary cable, compatible with most mobile and audio devices.

Sound quality

Music – Bass is quite powerful. For ₹200 headphones, this is absolutely ok. Rating will be 8.5/10

Gaming – For gaming, it is fine. I cannot say very good because you won’t get better quality headphones for ₹200. The rating will be 7.5/10.

7.Boult Audio Bass Buds Q2 7th best headphones under 500

One of the best headphones under 500 is Boult Audio Bass Buds Q2. This headphone is from the popular headphone brand Boult.

Build quality and features

  • The cushion is very comfortable and this is one of the best headphones under 500 I have seen till now.
  • The drivers are designed ergonomically in these headphones.
  • This headphone is a wired over-the-ear headphone.
  • 3.5 mm AUX Cable is also supported.
  • A condenser Microphone, which is rare in ₹500 headphones, is present in this particular headphone.
  • In-line controller and microphone are also present so we can conclude that this headphones voice quality is amazing.

Sound quality

Music – Bass is fine, not too good but the vocals can be heard clearly. The overall rating for music could be 7.5/10.

Gaming – This headphone’s gaming experience is better than all other headphones you have read till now. The overall rating is 9/10.

8. Modish Bluetooth Headphones 8th best headphones under 500

Build quality and features

  • It is a Bluetooth wireless over-the-ear headphone.
  • Head-mounted noise-canceling wireless smart earphones, unlimited listening, showing true colors.
  • 40mm earmuffs, high fidelity music, and a built-in wireless microphone. The cushion is comfortable in the ears.
  • Brand new Bluetooth 5.0 high version, 10m obstacle-free transmission.
  • Complete functions, easy to use, with AUX audio interface, USB charging interface, TF card slot.
  • Plug 3.5mm audio cable, micro USB data charging cable (Support mobile phone / iPod / MP4 / CD / notebook and other external input frequency factors)

Sound quality

Music – This headphone is made for gaming. Bass is not too good in these headphones. Better headphones for Bass had already been mentioned before.

Gaming – This is totally a gaming headset. The footsteps and everything can be heard very clearly. Gaming rating is 9/10.

9. Heypex SH-12 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone 9th Best headphones under 500

Build quality and features

  • With an over-the-ear design, this headset lets you chat all day comfortably with cushioned, noise-cancellation ear pads.
  • It is a wireless Bluetooth over-the-ear headphone.
  • This headset has dynamic 40mm drivers so you can listen to your playlist with clear fully detailed sound with deep bass.
  • Adjust the headband for tight and comfortable wearing by yourself, no worries of the headset falling.
  • Enjoy a fulfilling audio experience with this over-the-head, compact headset equipped with plush earpads for comfort.
  • With a high-performance rechargeable polymer battery, this headphone provides 8-10 hours of music time, less than 3 hours of charging time.
  • Support wireless connection via Bluetooth; Support SD card playback, insert the SD card into the headphone to play music when there is no phone.

Sound quality

Music – Very powerful Bass can be heard in these headphones. For Bass, this headphone is one of my favorites. You can easily buy these headphones for Bass.

Gaming – This headphone is good for gaming too. The rate for gaming is 8/10.

10. QHM888 Headset 10th best headphones under 500

The current cost of this headset on Amazon is ₹400. The design of This headset looks very beautiful. Let us see its features and other details.

Build quality and features

  • It has an inbuilt microphone which will help you in recording or talking to someone. It will let you enjoy video calls and give you a better experience on audio calls.
  • It has a 3.5 mm Jack and the wire quality is outstanding.
  • This headset has a thick padded foam which will provide you with a great musical experience. The best thing is that it would not cause any discomfort even after extended usage. The foams are easy to slip on/off and are washable.
  • The headset has an in-line microphone with a single multipurpose button that works for both the mic and headphones.
  • This headphone is made for all music lovers. These headphones will take acoustics to a different level, be it music, movies or games.
  • The headphones are capable of producing excellent quality of music and audio output along with comfort.

Sound qualitY

Music – Bass is not so powerful but for simple music lovers, this headphone is very good.

Gaming – For gaming, I can give it 7.5/10. You can use it. True gaming lovers are not recommended to use it. But true music, not bass lovers can definitely buy this headset.

Voice quality – If you are recording a tutorial video or recording any song, you can use this headphone as its microphone quality is really good. It has a noise cancellation feature which is rare in the ₹500 range of headsets.

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Best earphones under 500

Let’s discuss earphones now. Each and every earphone is of great quality and is under ₹500.

  1. Redmi earphones under 500
  2. Mivi Rock and Roll W1 earphones
  3. Joy Deep Bass metal earphones
  4. boAT Bassheads 225
  5. Boult Audio BassBuds loop

1.Redmi earphones under 500

This earphone costs ₹399

Build quality

  • Made of Aluminium
  • You can cut and pick up calls by pressing the button. Double-Click will help you change music but triple-click will not help you to change to the previous one. Except while you are on YouTube, pressing the button for a long time will help you call the Google assistant.
  • Wire quality is strong and is L-shaped.
  • 10mm drivers
  • This earphone is quite stylish.

Sound quality

Music – Premium bass quality. Best for people who love to hear high bass music.

Gaming – Not recommended for gaming. Footsteps cannot be heard.

Call quality – It’s fine. Sound can be heard clearly.


Best for high bass music lovers
Made of Aluminum
It is quite stylish.


Not so Comfortable. Don’t hear more than 2 hours
Not at all recommended for gaming.

2.Mivi Rock and Roll W1 earphones

If you buy this from Amazon, its cost is ₹399. You get these earphones in 4 colors. The red one is the most attractive and beautiful. So the red color one is recommended. By the way, you can buy any color you want.

Build quality

  • Made of plastic and the wire needs more food so that it can become strong🤣
  • 3.5 mm Jack. It is silver plated.
  • 10mm drivers.
  • Comfortable unlike redmi earphones.
  • It is tangle-free.

Sound Quality

Music – Bass is a lot powerful but the vocal and instrument sound will be a bit low.

Gaming – I think it is a very bad earphone for gaming. Footsteps sound is negligible.

Call –  Call quality is good.


Bass is very powerful.
Very Comfortable.
It will not fall from your ears even if you dance and run.


Quality is very cheap.
Poor performance in gaming.
Vocals cannot be heard clearly.

3.Joy Deep Bass metal earphones

To be honest, I have not seen so nice earphones at so cheap prices. Its price is just ₹199 and its output is equal to ₹1000 earphones. So let us see its features.

This is the best earphone under ₹200. It’s just amazing. Each and every people who need earphones should go for these. If I want, I can compare these earphones with 1000₹ earphones too.

Build quality

  • L-shaped 3.5mm Jack golden-plated. Many cannot believe how ₹200 earphones can have a golden-plated Jack.
  • Housing is metal. It is a premium quality earphone at ₹199.
  • The wires are flat and there is only 1 button in the in-line controller.
  • The fitting is very nice and is comfortable too.

Sound Quality

Music – High bass can be heard. Vocals, instruments and everything is just amazing.

Gaming – Gaming performance is also amazing.

Call – It is good while calling too. So overall this earphone is the best earphones I have seen till now at this price.


This earphone is a one-man army. It is good for Music, vocals, gaming, call, etc.

So these earphones are best for you. Go and purchase it soon. The price is so low.


There are no cons to this earphone. I wonder why the price of this earphone is so low. But whatever, this is just amazing.

4.boAT Bassheads 225

These earphones are of great quality. There are multiple colors available for this earphone. You can buy any one of them.

As you open, the first thing you get is the warranty card of 1 year with extra ear tips.

Ok so let’s discuss the features of this earphone.

Build quality

  • It is tangle-free, i.e, If you roll it, you can easily open it again.
  • The wire is flatted and will not get damaged easily.
  • Housing is full metal.
  • Its fitting is good and is very comfortable.
  • For build quality, I can give this earphone 7.5/10.

Sound Quality

Music – Bass is so powerful that my ears were shaking when I was listening to music. This earphone is just amazing when we talk about music.

Gaming – For gaming, this earphone is highly recommended. The game rating for this earphone can be 8/10.

Call – I asked my friend if he could hear it nicely, he said yes he can hear my sound nicely so we can say this earphone is good for call too.


Bass is very powerful.
Wire is tangle-free
The gaming experience is amazing.


Too much branding in the earphone. Branding is involved in every corner of the earphone🤣
The bass is powerful but the vocal quality could be better.

5.Boult Audio BassBuds loop

This earphone look is very attractive. The box is designed very beautifully. As you open the box, the packaging is done just amazingly.

Let’s talk about the features, sound quality, and pros and cons of this earphone.

Build quality

  • Jack is 3.5mm. It is titled L-shaped.
  •  The wire is blue-black and the design is amazing and is tangle-free too. It is once again one of the best earphones under 500 I have seen till now.
  • Its design is beautiful and the creativity and the idea of designing are unique than other earphones. Its design attracts people to buy those.
  • Housing is fully metallic and the fitting is nice and comfortable.
  • You get 12mm drivers which are punchy.
  • Another best thing is that they are waterproof.

Sound Quality

Music – Bass is very powerful in these earphones and vocals are also crystal clear. The truth is that if these earphones are priced at 1000 then also we can say it is quite fine.

Gaming – This earphone is quite good for gaming too. Overall, this earphone is just amazing.

Call – Call quality is fine too.


The Bass and vocals are very powerful.
The design is just too good.
It is waterproof.




After reading this article, you will definitely find the Best headphones under 500 and best earphones under 500. Some of the products are really mind-blowing too. The sound quality of the earphones is great too. I hope you have got the right headphone or earphones for you.

Do tell us which one you chose from them. Share your review too after using it. I can guarantee you that most of the products will be very useful. I hope you liked this article very much. Any doubt, you can contact us and tell us. We will definitely help you out. Till then take care and BYE BYE.