Best gaming headset for glasses wearers Are you a glasses wearer and you like to play games? You need a good headset. Every headset is not suitable for a glasses wearer. So you need to choose and buy the best one that suits you with high gaming quality.

By the way, 64% of the population wears glasses nowadays. So this article will be very important for every glasses wearer. Best gaming headset for glasses wearers.

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In this Best gaming headset for glasses wearers article, we will try to help you to choose your best headset that is comfortable and the gaming quality is great too. So let us start.

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Best gaming headset for glasses wearers

1. Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Wireless

This headset is quite costly but its premium quality justifies its price. The headset is comfortable for glasses wearers and its rating on Amazon is high too. Best gaming headset for glasses wearers. It is not an audiophile dream but the 50mm drivers that it has produces good sound. It is suitable for gaming, movies, and even music too.

If you are using this headset for recording songs or any video, the output it gives you regarding audio quality is quite great. It is a wireless headphone and just great when you talk about gaming. The footsteps can be heard crystal clear. I can tell you that these headphones will make you win free-fire and call-of-duty matches.

When used on a PC, the Blackshark V2 Pro connects with the Razer Synapse software and the best thing is that it allows you to adjust the EQ of the headset as well as experience THX 7.1 Surround Sound with the included THX Spatial Audio app.

As I have said that this headset is good for glasses wearers, let me justify this. The use of memory foam on the cushion and headband makes the glasses wearers comfortable. It actually alleviates the clamping force pressure on your glasses and ears, while Razer’s FlowKnit fabric ensures that your ears will stay cool for extended gameplay.

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  • Primarily only for PC gamers.
  • Very high priced but however justifies its price.
  • When the headset is fully extended, the wired connection between the earphone and the headband is extremely tight.
  • Low support for console gamers.

Overall, this headset is specially made for glasses wearers so it is quite good but the price of this headphone is too high so this is a concern. Otherwise, this headphone is nice. The best thing about this headset is the microphone. This headset is amazing for recording. Best gaming headset for glasses wearers.

Watch Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Review video on youtube.

2.  Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd generation)

This is another amazing Best gaming headset for glasses wearers. It’s a gaming experience and as well as the microphone is amazing so if you are playing free-fire or Pubg, you will have a good experience.

Most gaming headphone’s audio quality isn’t good but this headset is amazing if you talk about audio quality.

This is one of the most expensive gaming headsets available in the market. Let’s see if it justifies the price.

The MMX 300 will provide glasses wearers a comfortable experience. It will not pinch your ears or head too because it is fitted with soft velour cushions. The cushions are made so nicely that there is very little chance of ear sweat coming out.

In this headset, the build is slightly smaller, so players with large heads or ears may find the headset to squeeze more tightly than comfortable for extended use.

This headset is the best if you do live streaming or play games online as the microphone in MMX 300 is of premium quality. The tinny and low fidelity sound like many headsets produce will not be there in this amazing headset. While live streaming or recording, the voice quality will be very good which will make your video great to watch for the audience. This is one of the major reasons why this headphone is so costly.

The drawback of the microphone of this headset is that it picks up external background noise such as fans. If you are recording in a room where there is no background noise, then this headphone is best. Best gaming headset for glasses wearers.

This headset has an integrated wired remote control too that makes it easy to adjust your sound or take phone calls.

Because of these reasons, this headphone is not only one of the most expensive headsets available in the market but also one of the top quality headsets available.

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Let’s talk about some disappointing things about this headset too.

I recently checked some reviews on Amazon. Many users were praising this headphone but the most common problem that I saw is the cable quality. After extended use, many users reported constant hissing or random popping and static in the audio.

It performs great in every category but unfortunately, Beyerdynamic MMX 300 will not provide easy replacement of the cables if you face any issues. The cable quality is too poor so you might have issues but MMX 300 will not be responsible for it.

Another thing to note is that if you want a better audio experience, you are recommended to use an amp. Some users in Amazon have reported that the headset was not very loud. This is because they don’t have an amp. Headsets of this quality always perform better when properly powered. You have to again spend your money on an amp in spite of buying this headset at a very high price, so bear that in mind if you choose to go with the MMX 300.


  • Very Poor quality cable
  • Premium price

Watch Beyerdynamic MMX 300 review on youtube

3.  Turtle Beach Recon Spark Gaming Headsets

This headphone is less expensive than the other two headphones mentioned before. Its performance is also quite good but the main advantage is that everyone can afford this 🎧 It is not too expensive like the MMX 300 and the V2 Pro headsets. Best gaming headset for glasses wearers.

It provides various in-built controls and positional audio output and versatile options. The design of this headset is very beautiful and attractive.

This headset has some features that make it unique from other gaming headphones. So with this headset, you can show it off to your friends too. 😅 Let’s be serious and talk about some amazing features of this headset.

These amazing headphones come with a ProSpecs comfort-driven design which is designed specifically to reduce the clamping pressure on your glass’s earpieces for long hours of gaming. This is the reason why I have recommended you to use these headsets for glasses wearers.

In terms of compatibility, I can easily give these headsets 9.5/10 as wearing these headphones for long hours will not be a problem for you. The cushion is designed so beautifully that you will be relieved from the har-pinching experience. It also has synthetic leather around memory foam.

It has multi-platform connectivity options that make it unique and the best gaming earphones available in the market.

Users get a flip-to-mute microphone which mutes itself automatically when flipped. This is very useful when you want to stay focused during the middle of a game.

Let’s talk about features that might disappoint you.

Unlike the MMX 300, whose microphone is a big plus point, this headset has poor microphone quality. If you are using it for recording, it will give you a poor performance. The sound output of this wired headset is not good for audiophile usage.


  • Very Poor Microphone quality.
  • Not good for audiophile users.

Overall, this headset is amazing and the most important thing is affordable for everyone. I really like these headphones very much. Did you like it? Do tell us.

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If you feel like buying any headset from these, do write to us your review after 1 month of usage. Which one are you going to buy? Tell us this also in the comments.

In my opinion, if you have the budget, go with the MMX 300. If you have a smaller budget, go with V2 Pro. Very few budget people can go with the Turtle Beach Recon Spark headsets.

Thank you very much