Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700 to 1000/-: If you want to buy an audio device in which you can enjoy sound wirelessly then Bluetooth earphones are a far better option than TWS earbuds and Bluetooth headphones. Because even on a moderate budget Bluetooth earphones offer you great audio quality. In this article, I am going to tell you the top 7 best Bluetooth earphones under 700/- that you can buy under the 1000 rupees range.

if you want to choose a good earphone, 3 things you need to know before buying headphones or earphones.

To give you a basic idea of what you will get in this Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700 article, let’s talk about standard specifications. In the list, I have selected only those Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700 which come with a minimum of 10mm of audio drivers for a better stable connection. In all these earphones in the list, you will get the chipset of Bluetooth 5.0. All these earphones are minimum IP x4 water-resistant. And you are going to get a battery backup of a minimum of 8 hours.

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List of Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700 to 1000/-

  1. Modernista power bass 200 (599/-)
  2. Boat Rockerz 255 (799/-)
  3. Boult audio pro-Bass x1 (699/-)
  4. Modernista power bass 100 (699/-)
  5. Zebtonics Zeb yoga (899/-)
  6. Infinity JBL Glide (899/-)
  7. P Tron beat earphones (800/-)

Modernista Powerbass 200 (599/-) 1st Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700

Starting from Modernista Powerbass 200, we have a neckband that is the best value for money Bluetooth earphones or neckband under the segment of Rs.700. Actually, not even 700 rupees around 600 rupees neckband is this earphone. But the specifications of these headphones are really up to the mark. Therefore I put this earphone on the list of Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700.

The earphones come with decent built quality according to the price. Modernista is a new brand on the market of Bluetooth earphones. But don’t even think that is the issue in claiming the warranty of the earphone. You can check reviews and while testing this earphone I also spoke to tech support and they are really cooperative. You will get the online service of these earphones.

This earphone comes with 10mm of audio drivers, Bluetooth 5.0 chipset is available. This neckband is IP x5 water-resistant so you can easily use this earphone in physical activity too and even in light rain weather.

Passive noise cancellation is available in this neckband and even CVC noise cancellation is available. Due to CVC noise counseling during attending calls and all. This earphone is capable of canceling out some extraneous noise.

Capable of being fully charged in two hours, this earphone gives you up to 20 hours of battery backup.

Now let’s talk about sound quality. Bass quality will be very good in this earphone but when it comes to vocals, you will find the audio quality of this earphone a bit average. These are decent earphones in terms of audio quality but at which price point these earphones are that deliver you the best value for money performance.

You can purchase these earphones from Amazon at the price of only 600/- Rs. You will find the best buying links of all these Bluetooth earphones that I am telling you on the button above. So you can check them out if you are interested to buy one.

Boat Rockerz 255 Bluetooth Earphone (799/-) 2nd Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700

Now, we have the Boat Rockerz 255 Bluetooth Earphone. This one is the best-selling earphone. That’s why I put this earphone in the list of Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700. Actually, This earphone is around 1000 rupees. The reason is its performance. This is a perfectly balanced earphone. With its sound quality, water resistance, microphone quality, all in all, this earphone is perfectly balanced. That’s why it is the best selling earphone with under 1000 rupees. Bluetooth 5.0 chipset is available in this earphone.

These earphones are well-tuned with 10mm audio drivers. This earphone takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge and gives up to 9 hours of battery backup. Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700.

Water resistance of IP x5 will be found in this earphone. This earphone is made with very passive noise cancellation and at the same time CVC noise cancellation. So this earphone is a very good option for calling purposes as well.

Overall if you want an earphone for multipurpose usage. Then you can check these earphones. You will get the Boat Rockerz Earphone for Rs.1050 on Amazon, Flipkart. But in the time of offers, this earphone is also available at a slightly lower price.

Bolt Audio Pro Bass x1 Earphone (699/-) 3rd Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700

The 3rd earphone of our best earphones under 700 list is Bolt Audio Pro Bass x1 Earphone. This one comes with a dual microphone setup and with built-in micro woofers. Due to the built-in microphones, the sound of this earphone is very deep. Whenever you are listening to some high bass songs, then you will hear the bass very deep.

This earphone also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, 10mm audio drivers. This means that you will be able to connect this earphone to any device like mobile, pc, laptop. This earphone is IP x5 water-resistant. So yes, you can use these earphones while doing physical activities too. Even you can wash these earphones. its IP x5 water resistance protects the earphone in 1-minute deep water for about 30 minutes.

 These earphones are available on Amazon in 3 different colors black, blue, and red. So that you can buy according to your choice of colors.

 If you are a tech freak then you know very well that the Boult brand is a huge and very popular brand among earphones. So that the built quality of this earphone is very good. The band of this earphone is very flexible and it is made with high-quality silicon, that’s why the earphone is very durable and comfortable to wear.

 These earphones come with oval-shaped earbuds that perfectly fit your ears. It comes with 2 extra pairs of earbuds on the package.

 Both ends of the band include off-axis magnetic technology. The earphone has a very long battery life of up to 10 hours. It does fully charge in only 1 to 1.5 hours.

 Around 10 hours of battery backup this earphone offers. This earphone will cost you exactly 699 rupees. If you need an earphone from the Boult company then you can check this on Amazon by clicking the button given below.

Modernista power bass 100 (699/-) 4th Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700

Now in the 7th position of the list comes with Modernista power bass 100 earphones. It has 10 mm, inbuilt audio drivers. Overall the sound quality is good or you can say decent. It has deep bass with a passive noise cancellation system. 

I put on these earphones because of their water-resistance and battery backup. You get IP x5 water resistance which is also sweatproof. You can use these headphones at heavy work like gyming. The IP x5 water-resistant makes these earphones splash-proof.

These earphones have an inbuilt mic which is pretty good quality. Its Magnetic earbuds are protected from getting tangled. Modernista power bass 100 earphones lashed with 5.0 Bluetooth which you can connect from 10 meters. If we talk about its battery backup then it is also pretty decent. You can get 10 hours of battery backup with these earphones.

Modernista power bass 100 earphones made with soft silicone material. These earphones have an inline button to remotely control calls, volume, voice assistant, go handsfree. Overall the earphone is very comfortable to wear and lightweight and foldable.

Zebtonics Zeb yoga 90 Plus Bluetooth Earphone (899/-) 5th Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700

This is Zebronics Pocket Yoga 90 Plus Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700 to 1000 rupees from Zebronics. This earphone comes with the best in segment built quality. This is a fully flexible earphone and offers you very good build quality. You get dual pairing mode in this earphone through which you can connect this earphone with two different devices. This one again comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 chipset. This earphone has 10mm. audio drivers. The earpiece of this earphone is made with a metallic material.

This one is made with IP x4 water resistivity that means this one is only splashproof. Generally, IP x4 resistant earphones are not recommended for workouts but the company claims under you can use this earphone for workouts too.

This Zebronics earphone gives around 10 hours of battery backup. This one comes with a type-c charging port. So you can expect fast charging from this earphone no doubt. Build quality is the most premium, most stable of these earphones.

Coming to the sound quality, this earphone is definitely for those who want to listen to podcasts, etc because this earphone offers you very impressive vocal quality. But only if we talk of bass quality then this one isn’t up to the mark.

Overall if you want an earphone that you want the best segment build quality and you want an earphone for a crystal clear vocal, then definitely you can check this one. You can get Zebronics Jeb Yoga 90 Plus Earphone for under Rs.900/- on Amazon.

Infinity JBL Glide 120 earphone (899/-) 6th Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700

Infinity JBL Glide 120 earphones come at number 4 in the Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700 list. If you want an earphone in which you really want to enjoy music this earphone is for you.

You get punchy bass quality in these earphones. This earphone offers you really clear vocals and 12mm audio drivers.

This JBL earphone offers you dual equalizers mode with the help of this mode you can switch sound quality between normal bass and deep bass. that’s why these earphones are perfect fits in Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700 list.

This means for music lovers this one is a pro package. Other than sound quality also Bluetooth 5.0 chipset is available in this earphone.

You will get a battery backup of around 7 to 8 hours. This earphone has IP x5 water resistance. This means you can use this earphone even in workouts but I did not like the built quality of this earphone so much.

According to my, these earphones are dedicated to sound quality. The sound quality of this earphone is exceptionally good. Definitely, you can check out these earphones for music purposes. This earphone will cost you 1050 rupees on Amazon but you can get it under 700 during the offer season.

P Tron beat earphones (800/-) 7th Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700

Its look is quite decent and it is very much representing a more classic look. You will get to see magnetic earbuds in it and also you will get deep bass technology in it, due to which the sound is going to be very amazing.

You will get it available on Amazon in Black, Yellow, Color. You are going to get IP x4 waterproof in this which is very useful. Due to this, this earphone becomes sweatproof. In this, you are getting Bluetooth 5 and low latency technology.

Because of this, you can do gaming in it. There will be a delay of sound while gaming. There will be a little bit of sound delay but it will be a little less.

Also, Google Voice Assist is being available in it. You are also getting the feature of noise cancellation in it, which is seen for calling, which is a very good feature.

In this, you are getting a 10mm driver. Battery life is 10 hours with a 110 mAh battery. Its charging time is approx 2 hours. With this earphone, you get 6 months warranty from the company. This awesome earphone is priced at Rs.800/- on Amazon.

If you are still confused about which of these earphones you should buy then let me clarify more here.

If you want earphones for every purpose then buy Boat earphones. Otherwise, you can buy anyone earphones from this list of Best Bluetooth Earphones under 700. Because this earphone is not bad in this price range. In this price range, you can hardly get better earphones than this. You won’t regret buying any of the earphones on this list. For more assurance about these earphones, you can read reviews on Amazon or Flipkart.

  1. Which is the best earphone under 600?

    Modernista (599/-)

  2. Which Bluetooth earphone is best under 700?

    Boult audio pro-Bass

  3. Which earphone is best under 800?

    Boult audio pro-Bass (699/-)

  4. Which Bluetooth earphone is best for music under 700?

    If you need earphones just for listening to music then no doubt you can buy Infinity JBL Glide 120.

  5. Best Bluetooth earphones under 700 rupees in India?

    Modernista power bass 200 (599/-)
    Boat Rockerz 255 (799/-)
    Boult audio pro-Bass x1 (699/-)
    Modernista power bass 100 (699/-)
    Zebtonics Zeb yoga (899/-)
    Infinity JBL Glide (899/-)
    P Tron beat earphones (800/-)