You must have seen that nowadays many people are using headphones and earphones for gaming. But when it comes to buying good headphones, there are many options available in the market. Some are headphones, some are earphones, TWS, ear pod, wired, wireless. There are so many options available that your mind gets confused. Cheap airpodwired earphones.

3 things you need to know before buying headphones or earphones.

So which headphone is best for gaming? Which headphones should I buy to talk to my girlfriend? If all these questions are arising in your mind then don’t worry. In today’s article, I am going to tell you the buying guide for headphones and earphones in very simple language. So that you can choose the best earphone or headphones for yourself.

Now before knowing which headphones or earphones you should buy for which work, you need to know about the Drivers.

Now I am not talking about the driver who drives the car. I am talking about the drivers used on headphones and earphones.

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Now you must be thinking that what are the drivers?

You must have noticed that when you buy headphones and earphones, it is often written there that a driver of 8mm has been given in it, or a driver of 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm has been given. So what is this driver in the end? What is the use of this? You should know this.

The driver that is in any earphone and headphone is basically used to convert an electrical signal into an audible form. So that whatever electrical signal is coming, it can be converted into audio and you can hear that sound.

Now, normally the driver in any earphone is made of 3 main parts.

  1. Magnet
  2. voice coils
  3. diaphragm

The combination of these three makes a driver. Whatever electrical signal is there, it converts it into an audible signal or into an audible sound.

There are many types of this driver in any headphone or earphone such as – Dual driver, Dynamic driver, Electrostatic driver, Hybrid driver. Means there are so many drivers, if I will explain to you one by one, then Your mind will go haywire. And I don’t want your mind to be hardwired.

You must have noticed that the driver size is written in every headphones or earphone like 8mm,10mm,12mm. But if I speak in simple language, always remember that the bigger the driver size, the better the sound quality in that earphone or headphone, and the better base you will get. Always keep these small limitations in mind while buying headphones or earphones.

Types of headphones

  • In-ear headphones,
  • Tws,
  • On ear headphones and Over-ear headphones,

So let’s know about the types of these headphones one by one. Let’s talk about its pros and cons. After that, you will be able to decide better which type of headphones you should buy.


As you know from the name itself, the meaning of in-ear headphones, which comes in your ears. So all the headphones that you listen to by putting them inside your ears, are all in-ear earphones. Some in-ear headphones are wired and some are wireless.

The biggest plus point of such earphones is that they are portable and also lightweight. Meaning you can take it anywhere.

But friends, the sound quality of these earphones is a bit down. Because the driver size of these earphones is slightly smaller. You must have noticed that in these earphones, which come in your ears, it is very small, because of this, friends, its sound quality, bass, is not as good as compared to other headphones.

So simply say, these types of earphones are very useful for those people who use earphones for a long time. Those who listen to movies, videos, or songs for a very long time and they do not want the tension of charging, those people mostly use these earphones. And yes, these earphones are going to be very useful for those people who talk to their girlfriend till late at night.
Next is TWS earphones.

TWS earphones

Well, the full form of TWS is True Wireless Stereo. These kinds of earphones are a little expensive. These earphones are also stylish and also portable. But there is one drawback in these earphones, that is – these earphones have to be charged again and again. So TWS earphone is best for those people who use earphones in the gym. Apart from this, if you want to look a little stylish, good looking, by applying earphones, then you can use TWS earphones to do it.

If you want to use TWS earphones for gaming, then TWS earphones are not considered best for gaming. Because the latency is not that good in these types of earphones. Due to the lack of latency, you do not hear the real-time sound of the game. For this reason, TWS earphones are not considered good for gaming.
After this, the next type of headphone is On-Ear Headphones and Over-Ear Headphones.

On-Ear Headphones and Over-Ear Headphones

Generally, friends, these types of headphones are hardcore gamers, who are music lovers, for those people who listen to a lot of music, this type of headphone is considered to be the best. They are a bit expensive and are also heavy.

In simply tell you the difference between on-ear and over-ear headphones – those on-ear headphones come in your ears, and those over-ear headphones cover your entire ear so that you Do not hear any kind of sound outside.

It is considered best for those people who do extreme gaming. Apart from this, those who like to listen to a lot of music. These types of headphones are a bit expensive. Because friends, the driver size in it is bigger and due to the bigger driver size, the sound quality is also the best and the bass is also very good.

Actually, friends who enjoy listening to music, get this type of earphones, because, in these earphones, you get a very good real-time sound experience.

Cable types

Well, often people ignore this season while buying earphones and headphones. Generally, people do not focus on the cable of earphones and headphones. If you buy earphones with normal cable type, then after some time your earphone will be defective. So you will also need to see the types of wires of the earphones and headphones that you are buying. There are many types of cables Such as round plastic cable, flat cable, and nylon braided cable.

  1. Plastic cable,
  2. Flat cable,
  3. Nylon braided cable

So these three types of cables have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic cable

The round plastic cables are a bit cheap and the quality is also bad and after some time this type of cable gets spoiled. But friends must have noticed that this plastic cable gets tangled very quickly and you have to untangle it again and again.

So to overcome this problem, flat wired earphones have been brought in the market, which basically knows by another name also, that is tangle-free earphones.

Flat or tangle free cable

Flat-wired earphone cables do not get any kind of tangles. And of course, their build quality is also slightly better than plastic cable.

Braided cable

The third type is braided cable earphones. The durability of this type of cable is better and the build quality is also better. These wires do not have any kind of crack and do not deteriorate quickly as compared to plastic and flat cables.